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LUBBOCK, Texas — A van decorated for Halloween is causing controversy on the internet.

Texas news affiliate KAMC alerted the public around 8 p.m. Friday of a sighting of a van offering free candy and free puppies to children.

They shared a Facebook post saying,

“This MIGHT be perfectly innocent. Maybe someone was headed to a Halloween event. But the offer of free candy and free puppies to kids on a mysterious white van is a good reason to ask questions. We are NOT asking you to confront whomever is in the van. Quite the contrary. We are asking that if you see it, please get the license number. Either let us know, and we will pass it along to the Lubbock Police. Or, you could report it to the police at 806-775-2816.”

Well, it turns out Sign Design, a Texas-based graphic design company, posted a photo of the van on Wednesday, sharing with their followers that they were working on a Halloween design.

However, many people are upset by the design.

One woman responded to Sign Design’s post saying,

“Considering that this was made to joke about the reports of the kids being approached by a white van let me tell you my child and family do not think this is funny in fact it is so disrespectful to my daughter who was almost taken away from us by a man in a white van the past week that we do not find this amusing in anyway if you do please contact me and you can tell my child to learn to take a joke!!”

Others responded to KAMC’s post, which has since been updated to reflect the fact that van poses no threat, saying,

“I understand if it’s decorated for Halloween nothing wrong with having fun but someone with a missing child might think otherwise..”

“With the things that happen now days. I just don’t think it’s funny at all. If it’s a joke. But, it could be some sick person trying to do some terrible things.”

On the contrary, many others welcomed the Halloween prank.  A man replied to KAMC’s post saying,

“Live in fear everyone! Everyone and everything is out to get you! No one is safe!”

Others echoed similar responses,

“Pretty obvious Halloween decorations.”

“The bloody handprints make it pretty obvious …nothing wrong with it, if anything you can say see kids that’s why you stay away from vans.”

“I love it! Can’t have fun anymore. If they were really doing something bad they wouldn’t advertise like this!.”

You can read more arguments on KAMC’s post.