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CLEVELAND, Ohio — It was a game that had everything: excitement, stress, heartbreak, a rain delay and extra innings.

The Cleveland Indians put up an incredible fight, but they fell to the Chicago Cubs, 8-7, in Game 7 of the World Series.

Tribe coach Terry Francona said despite the loss, the game was incredible.

“To be associated with those players in that clubhouse, it is an honor and I just told them that it’s going to hurt. It hurts because we care. But they need to walk with their heads held high because they left nothing on the field. That’s all the things we ever ask them to do. They tried until there was nothing left.”

He also congratulated the Cubs.

“That was quite a series. You knew somebody was going to go home happy, but they deserve a lot of congratulations.”

Starting pitcher for the Tribe in Game 7 was 2014 AL Cy Young Award Winner Corey Kluber, who kept the Cubs from scoring in the second and third. Andrew Miller was brought in during the fifth inning.

When asked about Kluber’s and Miller’s performance in the playoffs and in the World Series, he said that for starters and players to be that effective with so much time on the field: “It’s not luck. It’s will. I think at times tonight they proved they’re human, but without them we don’t get anywhere close to here.”

One of the highlights in the game came in the 8th inning. Rajai Davis delivered a shot heard around Cleveland leading to a two-run home run and tying the game at 6-6.

Francona was asked what he was thinking at that point in the game.

“We get so caught up in the game, you don’t think about what your emotions are going to be…it’s you trying desperately to find a way to win a game. The emotions come after.”

Francona said he didn’t feel the 10-minute rain delay had an effect on the outcome of the game.

“We have a lot of great players in here who never give up,” he said.

Player Jason Kipnis made a promise after the game.

“We will be back,” he said. “We’re pretty confident in this group that we’ve got here.”

“I think when we started chipping away and coming back, it kind of felt like that’s what this team does,” said Andrew Miller. “It’s pretty impressive nobody gave up. Everybody was fighting like hell.”

And Davis said that to tie it up in the 8th inning was “just unbelievable.”

“Beyond my wildest dreams,” Davis said. “Incredible that feeling. Obviously, unfortunately we couldn’t do the whole thing and win it all. But that was a great, great fight by our guys. We have a lot of great players in here who never give up.”

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