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CLEVELAND (WJW) – After sharing her diagnosis of breast cancer in February, Fox 8 Anchor Natalie Herbick shared an update on Instagram.

“It’s been more than a week since I attempted to take this picture before heading into surgery. Haha. I hate selfies, but I tried to document what will hopefully be my last big physical step in putting this chapter of the journey behind me,” Natalie said in the caption. “Surgery went very well and I’m feeling really good and super grateful. 🙏 Can’t wait to be back with you all soon!”

Earlier this month, Natalie shared that it was her last day before the last “big physical step” in her journey with cancer. 

On May 19, Natalie posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “Last day!!! Not for good. Just for a few weeks. My second surgery, which will be my reconstructive surgery, is next week. This time around I can honestly say I’m excited. Excited to put this part of my journey in the rearview mirror. While my hope is that all of my major surgeries will be done, my mission is just beginning. This diagnosis has opened my eyes to ways I can help others. I have a new purpose and I’m embracing it! Please let this post serve as a gentle reminder to stay on top of screenings, to take charge of your health and never take “No” for an answer if you feel something isn’t right.”

Natalie has stayed positive throughout her journey. She’s using her diagnosis as a platform to spread awareness about breast cancer and to encourage regular screenings.

“Thank you ALL for your continued support. You have lifted me up more than you’ll ever know. 🤍,” Natalie said on Instagram.