CLEVELAND (WJW) — Even though it sounds like the beginning of a very old and familiar joke, it’s appropriate in this case: How many Fox 8 folks does it take to pack a box of food?

About 20 on the morning shift, that is if they ever can figure out how to actually tape the boxes.

But once these high-tech tape thingies were figured out, things began to roll at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, and this is how things should be done: with teamwork.

 An assembly line of folks from Fox 8 and other places were making sure that our neighbors in six counties get what they need.

Our crew was there as part of our parent company, Nexstar Broadcasting, Founders’ Day of Caring.

“We’re giving back, we’re helping those who are less fortunate, and it’s an awesome thing that we do every year,” Fox 8 HR Director, Zinthia Feliciano, said.

But volunteering just doesn’t have to be for one day.

For example: since he retired, John Telich often volunteers his time at the food bank.

“Most of the time it’s down at the Muni Lot, but I hadn’t been volunteering for a couple of months, and I signed up in the middle of June, and I walk in and it’s the old gang, and it’s really cool to see everybody,” he said.

Meteorologist Dante Jones has also punched the volunteer clock. The food bank here is a first, but he’s done this sort of volunteering before.

“When I was with the Nexstar station in North Carolina, we were at the food bank, and we were peeling tomatoes then, so they trusted me with a sharp object then — so this is a lot of fun, music, helping everybody out. It’s just loads of fun,” he said.

It was an assembly line in the morning, and that turned into a sorting line for the afternoon as another Fox 8 crew took their turn.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank runs on volunteers from all walks of life.

The work is easy, and the work is fun, and no matter what you do, it’s so very important to our community.

And if we can do it, so can you.

“You get good music, some of your coworkers and friends, and you know, and you know you’re helping families out who truly need it, so how could you not love that.” Fox 8 Meteorologist Mackenzie Bart said.

The food bank is always looking for volunteers to help pack and prepare food that is shipped to food pantries across six counties.

If you, your church, office, team or other group would like to volunteer even for just one day, you can help the food bank help others.