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ELYRIA, Ohio (WJW)– If you’re a big fan of Buick and their crossover vehicles, there is something new for 2021. It’s the Buick Avenir. 

“It’s the first time ever for this, this year. So the Avenir just pops and it is the top of the line of each model,” said Barry Stephenson, sales manager at Nick Abraham Buick GMC.

This vehicle starts at $42,000, but you get a lot for your buck: 22-inch wheels, 10-inch infotainment touch screen radio, diamond stitched leather seats that can be heated or cooled, a 2.0 Turbo, four-cylinder engine with 228 horsepower. The Avenir is classified as a mid-size luxury car that seats five passengers comfortably.

“The key to this car is that it is one of the safest. In its class, it has the most safety options that there is in a car today,” Stephenson said.

One of the unique things about this 2021 Buick Avenir that you won’t find in any other Buick vehicle, is that they have a little button on the side. You press it, and you can actually get a massage while you’re driving.

On the Ford side, what’s new in 2021 is the Escape.

“This is not your traditional Escape. It is completely redesigned. This is a complete 180 from everything you have seen from the previous Escapes prior to,” said Jason Voss, of Nick Abraham Ford.

The biggest difference you’ll notice about the 2021 Escape is the way it drives. It now has an eight-speed automatic transmission, instead of the six-speed, meaning you’ll maximize your fuel economy and your performance. 

“It’s a completely different ride, much smoother and overall better and more efficient.” 

The Ford Escape Titanium comes with frontal collision warning, blind spot recognition and eight airbags, protecting every passenger who inside the vehicle.  The 2021 Ford Escape Titanium starts at around $36,000.