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BEDFORD, Ohio (WJW)– New year, new car to the U.S. The Mazda CX30 making its North American debut in 2021. 

“Smaller SUV. It’s our newest, most advanced build, comes available as a front wheel drive or and all-wheel drive,” said Scott Newman, general sales manager at Mazda of Bedford.

The CX30 comes with a 2.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine with up to 187 horsepower. It does have a turbo option, but it is the most advanced in its class. 

“The drive is going to be the most German-inspired of any of the Japanese cars. Very proportionate to what you tell the vehicle to do and how it responds,” Newman said.

The CX30 starts at around $22,000. It is considered a crossover vehicle that comes with Skyactiv technology. 

“Skyactiv is an engineering philosophy. What they do is design the vehicle to be efficient, environmentally friendly, but getting a lot of performance out of a smaller package.”

The 2021 CX30 is brand new to the North American roadways this year, but the more popular SUV is actually the CX5.

“Size is probably the biggest factor. There is going to be a lot of similarities with the design, but the 30 moves to a Generation 7. The CX5 is Generation 6.5, so some of the advances and build qualities are a little bit different,” Newman said.

The CX5 has a similar engine as the CX30 with a turbo option and starts at around $25,000. These SUVs are definitely unique compared to other brands.

“Just the build quality, the interiors, the finishes will rival many, many of the German brands, in some cases exceed them.” 

Mazda is now No. 1 in Consumer Reports for auto reliability, beating out Lexus and Toyota.