AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – Four former Walsh Jesuit students now face formal charges related to an incident alleged to have happened at a March Madness party at a home in Silver Lake more than a year ago.

Court records show 19-year-old Joseph Cerrito was charged with illegal use of a minor or impaired person in nudity-oriented material or performance, a third degree felony.

Three other defendants, identified in court records as Gabriel Barone, Joseph Cerrito and Jacob Campagna, face a similar charge, as a 5th degree felony, accused in the indictment of possessing or viewing related material or performance in a state of nudity.

The charges arise out of a video that was shared online showing a lewd act involving an 18-year-old guest at the party on March 27, 2021 who had passed out after being intoxicated.

“The victim was a very special young man and we have known his family. Though it was very hard to tell what happened in the video, it was just so unfortunate that really good kids just got involved in a really bad situation,” said Walsh Jesuit President Karl Ertle.

Ertle said the party was attended by guests who also attended other schools and that the four defendants voluntarily withdrew from Walsh Jesuit after the incident was reported to Silver Lake Police for investigation.

Silver Lake police Chief Jamie Norris told FOX 8 News that his department turned their investigation over to the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office and did not want to discuss details from the investigation on Monday.

A representative of Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh’s office also declined an interview regarding the pending cases.

“I saw it (the video) just once and it was very clear that they acted inappropriately and it was a major concern again for the victim and his parents. I did speak to the victim and we have offered some support from Walsh Jesuit even though he did not attend school here at the time that it happened,” said Ertle. “What transpired is just absolutely unacceptable and the students all know that they have expressed their sincere remorse, but it certainly did happen and so I know each of them is from a very good family and they will work through it together now as they go forward.”

All four defendants have entered not guilty pleas at arraignment and were released on personal recognizance bond.

The most serious charge against Cerrito carries a possible maximum sentence of 48-36 months if found guilty.

The second charge, which all four face, could result in a maximum sentence of 12 months if they are found guilty.

“We have a strong code of conduct and our student goal is that each student is a man or woman with others and that is they graduate and they exemplify the motto of working for the greater glory of God. We know our students aren’t perfect, but they are great kids from really strong families and that’s why it’s so important, so discouraging and so challenging when they do get into the things that happen in the world today,” said Ertle.