JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (WJW) – Rapper Flo Rida’s son was taken to the hospital in serious condition earlier this month after falling from a five-story apartment window in Jersey City, reports say.

According to reports from Fox News and other news outlets, a lawsuit filed Monday says 6-year-old Zohar Dillard fell out the window and onto the concrete on March 4.

Fox News reports that the 6-year-old was taken to the intensive care unit with a “shattered pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, collapsed lungs, a grade three liver laceration and internal bleeding.”

The lawsuit alleges that the windows in the apartment were installed with “incorrect sized guards,” making it unsafe.

The child was released from the hospital, but the lawsuit says he will, “in the future suffer great physical and mental pain and suffering.”

According to Fox News, the child’s mother, Alexis Adams, alleges that she asked the apartment for window guards but nothing was done.

“As a single mom to a special needs child, this feels like a nightmare,” Adams told Fox News in a statement. “It is devastating to see my child go through such pain and trauma knowing that this could have been prevented. My son could have died!”

In a statement sent to Billboard, Flo Rida said, “thank you to everyone who reached out with their concerns and prayers for my son. He is getting the best medical care and miraculously survived a tragic fall.”