FLORIDA (WJW) — An 11-year-old boy died after twisting his ankle while running on a treadmill.

WOFL reports Jesse Brown died after the ankle injury and a potential scratch that turned into an infection in just a few days.

His mother, Megan Brown, told WOFL that a few days after he twisted his ankle, his leg was covered in splotchy, purple, red bruise-like marks. He was admitted to the ICU, where they found out the infection was Group A strep.

WOFL reports it became a flesh-eating bacteria. His brain swelled, and he ultimately died.

“In my mind, I’m just like in complete disbelief,” she told WOFL.

WOFL reports the type of infection in children has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some of the speculation has been that many of these cases started after respiratory infections, and we had been seeing an uptick in those types of infections anyway post-pandemic,” pediatrician Dr. Candice Jones told WOFL.

She said normally, Group A strep isn’t severe. But in some cases, it can cause secondary infections that are more serious.

Doctors recommend people watch for symptoms like swelling, redness, foul smell and fever.