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Taking a pregnancy test can be an anxious experience, and now First Response is aiming to make it slightly more calming.

According to USA Today, the First Response pregnancy test will communicate with the user via Bluetooth on their phone.

The app will tell the woman right away if the test is working correctly and what to do next.

After the 3-minute waiting period, the app will indicate that the sample has been read.

First Response Group Brand Manager Wendy Bishop says this feature is essential since many woman wonder if they supplied enough for the test to work correctly.

The user can tap ‘educate me,’ ‘entertain me’ or ‘calm me’ options while waiting on results. Entertainment might provide Buzzfeed videos, calm will provide meditation music or breathing techniques. Educate will provide fertility options.

No results will be shown until the woman enters a secure code. Once the result is revealed, the app will suggest more steps.

If a woman said earlier she wanted to be pregnant and the result says ‘yes,’ then it will read congratulations. The app can also provide prenatal information and a possible due date.

The test costs between $15-$22 and the app portion is currently free, but the correct test needs to be purchased to go with the app.

The new test will be available this spring.