CLEVELAND (WJW) – Visionary. Innovative. Transformative. These words are being used to describe the potential of the currently overgrown, scruffy riverside behind the Tower City complex.

“Today’s vision you’re going to see will not just be a national model, but I believe a global model for how to truly create equity in terms of master planning,” Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said.

That vision is 35 acres turned into public park space, new homes, apartments and an entertainment district featuring athletic fields and even an amphitheater.

It would take the area behind Tower City and turn it into what developers say is a new front porch for Cleveland, which would reconnect downtown with the riverfront.

Huron Avenue would disappear and a multi-level array of public space and business space would be developed.

It would be designed by world-renowned architect David Adjaye, who via Zoom from London says this new front porch and areas that connect the city to the water hold many possibilities.

“We start to talk about a dissolving grain that comes against this bend of the river and the river creating a new waterfront that then dissolves the architecture of the city,” Adjaye said.

How do you get it all started? The city and developers know that billions would be needed to do it all.

The vision is here, but how to generate the money needed is still being developed. While the vision is for 20 to 30 years, forming the public and private partnership to get it going could be only months away, both sides say.

“This is how we generate a lot of economic income in order to be able to take care of the entire city,” City Council President Blaine Griffin said.

“My hope is that within the next six to eight months, we’ll be able to come to that agreement and with that agreement and definition of roles and responsibilities, I think we’re able to spend out dollars, knowing that we’ll have the public’s side with us as we go forward,” Bedrock CEO Kofi Bonner said.

Don’t expect to see changes right away. This is just the vision side of it all because visions need lots of money and actual work to become a real thing.

But this view of what could happen can get the whole ball rolling.

If you would like to read more about the complete proposal, go here.