HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) – Sales of consumer fireworks are ‘booming’ at American Fireworks, fueled in part by a change in the state law that officially begins on July 1.

“There’s a lot more comfort. I mean, it’s just in terms of like not thinking they are going to get in trouble,” said John Sorgi of American Fireworks.

Over the last couple of years, the sale of home fireworks has skyrocketed because of COVID. As local communities cancelled their professional displays, people were celebrating with backyard fireworks instead.

“Consumer fireworks have been at an all-time high because city shows were cancelled, but definitely we are seeing a lot of new customers this year just because they are a little more comfortable, you know, shooting with it being legal, but there’s definitely been an uptick so far,” said Sorgi.

A new state law that makes consumer or home fireworks legal is enticing people to buy more and different fireworks than they might have in the past.

“I’m getting stuff I didn’t usually get before because I know now we are able to use them for the holiday so we can have a lot more fun with it” said Adam Cooke, of Kent.

“For the longest time, even with my family, we only ever came here if we were going to visit my uncle in Indiana so now being able to just know that I can go to the store, don’t really have to worry about all the waiver forms… it makes it more relaxed getting fireworks,” said Cooke.

Even though the state has made home fireworks legal, the legislation gave local legislators the option to continue the ban in their communities. Many area cities, including Cleveland and Akron, are continuing to ban them.

The law also allows them only on specific holidays, including the 4th of July, but only on the holiday itself.

Still, other communities are allowing them, including the city of Hudson, which is the home of American Fireworks.

“A lot of people would come in before that. They didn’t want to do the illegal stuff and, like you said, they would do sparkers, snaps, smoke bombs but now they feel a little more comfortable doing the aerial stuff. they call it aerial stuff, it’s stuff that goes up in the air,” said Sorgi. “We still have a lot of the same people shooting off fireworks as before but its definitely a different world that we are in here in Ohio.”