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CLEVELAND (WJW) — From a streetcar crash and a construction accident to a serial killer and a gas explosion, Cleveland’s history is dotted with tragic events.

Visitors can learn about seven such events and see where they happened during a Tales of Terror Walking Tour, brought back to the Public Square area for the Halloween season.

Tickets are now on sale for Tours of Cleveland, LLC’s Tales of Terror tours from Oct. 15 through Oct. 31.

The walk isn’t advertised as a “ghost story tour.” According to the Tours of Cleveland, LLC website: “This is seven tales that cover the tragic deaths of 312 souls here in Cleveland.”

Those tragedies include:

  • Streetcar that plummets in the Cuyahoga River – kills 17 in 1895
  • Construction accident at Terminal Tower – kills 2 in 1928
  • SS Kresge Fire – kills 7 in 1908
  • Torso Murders – 12 confirmed victims 1935 -1938, maybe more?
  • Explosion Under Lake Erie at Crib 5 – kills 21 in 1916
  • Cleveland Clinic Fire – kills 123 in 1929
  • East Ohio Gas Explosion – kills 130 in 1944

The tour steps off at the Mayor Tom Johnson statue in Public Square and lasts about 1.5 hours.

For more on how to make a reservation, click here.