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GREEN, Ohio —  Firefighters battled an enormous blaze on Chenoweth Road from early in the morning Tuesday until late that same night.

It’s believed the fire started in a delivery truck at All American Box & Supply on Chenoweth and quickly spread to another business which is housed inside the same large metal structure.

Car-Tech Collision is an auto body repair and detail shop that also stores antique automobiles.

While firefighters from eight nearby departments rushed to the scene, workers at Car-Tech scrambled to save the cars.

An old Ford didn’t make it out and some large boats were also destroyed but an antique Camaro, ’67 Chevelle and ’53 Triumph were saved.

“The auto shop sustained water and smoke damage but not total devastation,” said Lt. Deevers.

Between the two companies there were many combustible materials which made fighting the fire very dangerous.

“It was a very intense fire,” said Lt. Pete Deevers of Green Fire Dept.  “And a significant part of the building had cardboard boxes and that was our problem in the back.”

At any moment the pressure cooker could have blown, and the steel walls could have collapsed from the heat, trapping the firefighters.

Lt. Deevers said luckily no one was seriously hurt, although one firefighter suffered minor injuries after slipping on the ice.

The exact cause of the fire, which caused thousands of dollars in damage, remains under investigation.