HEMET, Calif. (WJW) — A crisis was averted on a sunny day in southern California last week when one dad leapt into action after his toddler slipped into a backyard pool.

Ring video captured the moment the 1-year-old fell into the shimmering pool and his dad, firefighter Zachary Petite, belly planted onto the concrete to reach in and rescue him.

Petite spoke with local TV station ABC 7 explaining the moment can serve as a good reminder to always be vigilant.

“For parents out there, if you got a pool, make sure it has a gate, a child safety lock, door alarms,” said Petite.

Petite’s pool reportedly was equipped with those items but the boy was still able to slip into the pool.

“This video is a sober reminder that a water emergency can happen to anyone at anytime in a matter of seconds,” Hemet Firefighters Association said in an Instagram post. “Remember, children drown without a sound, please watch the water.”

See swimming safety tips from the American Red Cross in the video above.