ORANGE COUNTY, California (WJW) – A fire crew from Engine 19 in Orange County, Ca., came to the rescue of a little chihuahua named Bart, who found himself in a tight spot after getting his foot stuck in a bathtub drain.

The Orange County Fire Authority released footage of the incident Sunday as the fire crew worked diligently to free Bart from his predicament.

The crew initially focused on carefully removing the drain from the tub, ensuring the dog’s safety throughout the process.

With precision and expertise, they gradually removed layers of the metal grate, inching closer to liberating Bart from his confinement.

Finally, the moment arrived when Bart was freed from the drain’s clutches.

“Fortunately, Bart’s new friends on Engine 19 were able to free him without injury,” the department said.

Overjoyed and relieved, Bart leaped into his owner’s waiting arms, expressing his gratitude with a series of appreciative barks.

The fire crew, moved by the dog’s heartfelt response, bid farewell to Bart and his grateful owner before continuing their duties.