MACEDONIA, OHIO (WJW) – The latest Powerball winner might have gone from rags to riches overnight after hitting Ohio’s second-highest Powerball jackpot sold.

The Ohio Lottery Commission said a winner has yet to claim the $252.6 million jackpot with a cash value of $134.7 million from Wednesday’s drawing

The winning auto-pick ticket was sold at the GetGo on East Highland Road in Macedonia. The gas station manager confirmed the location is corporate owned. A spokesperson for the Ohio Lottery Commission said this win is not in the top 10 among the 48 jurisdictions selling Powerball.

Les Szarka, CEO of Szarka Financial advised the winner to remain anonymous as long as possible before claiming the prize.

“The first thing we tell folks is don’t claim the ticket right away,” said Szarka. “The second it goes out that you’ve won this lottery you’re going to make millions of friends…you want to assemble a team prior to claiming a ticket, on that team you want to have an attorney, a financial advisor you want to have an accountant. The three of them would be able to develop a plan for you.”

He said roughly about one-third of large lottery winners file for bankruptcy within five to six years after winning the lottery.

While frequent players wait for the jackpot to increase once again before playing, all that’s left to do for now is dream.

“My family and my daughter would be well taken care of and if I could dig my mama up I’d go get her,” said Gerald Harris. “Come on baby, let’s go spend this money.”

The retailer where the ticket was sold will receive a $100,000 dollar bonus for the jackpot-winning ticket.

This was the only Powerball jackpot-winning ticket sold according to the Ohio Lottery Commission. The next drawing is scheduled for Saturday for an estimated $20 million.