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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland Browns fans got to celebrate a Monday Night Football victory.

The 32-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals broke a four-game losing streak.

“The Browns finally played up to their expectations. The defense came alive,” said Former Browns running back Greg Pruitt, who stopped by the FOX 8 studios on Tuesday to discuss the game.

Pruitt commended the team for handing the ball off to running back Nick Chubb – a move Pruitt has said needs to happen more often.

“I was really surprised and happy that I thought ‘You’ve got to get the ball into Chubb’s hand as often as you can,’ despite you know going in (that) defense knows you’ve got to stop Chubb to beat the Browns,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt also discussed the future of Kareem Hunt when he was asked if the running back should be traded.

“The more problems you can put on the football field, the more things you can give a defense to think about, the better your chances are of dominating,” said Pruitt. “And, so Hunt is somebody you have to deal with when he’s out there.”

So, what’s next for the Browns and how do they continue to win?

“This is a young team and maybe, I’m hoping that because they’re young it took them a little longer to learn some things,” said Pruitt.

The Browns play the Miami Dolphins next on November 13.