CLEVELAND (WJW) – Legendary Men’s Figure Skater Scott Hamilton is returning to his home state of Ohio to raise funds for cancer research.

You may know Hamilton from his triumphant run to the Gold Medal in men’s figure skating, or maybe from his years of work as a commentator for the sport. But perhaps he’s best known for how he’s handled everything life has thrown at him.

“In this world, we will have trouble, right? But so much of the challenges we go through, the setbacks we go through, the devastation, the heartaches – everything is in the way we respond to it,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton survived testicular cancer and three recurring brain tumors, something he’s still managing every day.

“I’m convinced I was born with this brain tumor. It’s what stopped me from growing,” he said. “It’s what got me into skating and it pretty much is responsible, even though it’s not something I would have chosen, it’s responsible for all the best things that have happened in my life.”

Despite all he’s faced, he’s learned to live life joyfully throughout – something he learned from his late mother Dorothy Hamilton, who passed away from cancer.

“When I look back on it now, I just see it like my mom saw it. As a wonderful way to respond to something positively that is difficult,” he said.

Now Hamilton operates his non-profit in her honor, with the hopes of funding research that will help treat patients with a cancer diagnosis better than the current standard.

To accomplish that goal, he’s bringing his nationwide fundraiser SK8 to Elimin8 Cancer back to Cleveland.

“It’s really fun to be able to come back and raise money,” Hamilton said. “Our goal is $50K, and we need everyone’s help to make that happen.”

Hamilton will be hosting the Celebration Ice Show at the Cleveland Foundation Skating Rink in Public Square on Dec. 8, where it is free for the public to attend.

“Cancer impacts everybody. I can’t think of anyone in my life who doesn’t know someone who’s had cancer,” Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation Coordinator Kimberly Brack Volante said. “So, by coming together, it’s kind of the, ‘If everybody does a little, then nobody has to do a lot’ mentality. We can raise a lot of money to change a lot of lives without any of us having to fund it ourselves.”

Brack Volante said the event is a great way for people to make a difference in a cause that matters to so many.

“The funds in this event are going to equally support CARES Cancer research, which is currently focused on glioblastoma pediatric brain tumors, and the other 50% is going to go to the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute,” she said. 

He’s known for his signature backflip on the ice. Now he wants to turn cancer upside down.

“We want to turn cancer from something where people fear for their lives, to being something where they know they’re going to be OK,” Hamilton said. “(To where) they have to go through a treatment period and they’re going to be 100% OK. That’s the goal.”

Information on the event, including how to donate to the fundraiser, can be found here.