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(WJW) – Feeling festive? Well, Coors Light has the perfect product to keep you in the fall spirit and keep your beer nice and cold.

Coors Light is launching the first-ever Beer Bale cooler for 21+ drinkers everywhere this fall, according to a press release from Coors.

Coors says the new cooler is inspired by “straw bales and golden fields of autumn,” according to the release.

The Coors Light Beer Bale is made with straw and is the same size as a standard straw bale.

According to the release, the Beer Bale cooler can hold two 24-packs of Coors Light and keep it cold for over 24 hours.

“We’re always inspired by our drinkers who work hard for their moments of chill and how they embrace fall,” Vice President of Marketing for the Coors Family of Brands Marcelo Pascoa said. “We put a new twist on a fall mainstay, reimagining the straw bale to serve as a cooler for your Coors Light no matter how you chill.”

The Coors Light Beer Bale is available beginning at 11 a.m. on October 24. Buyers will be able to purchase one of 30 limited-edition coolers for $80 on the Coors website. coorslight.com/beerbale.

You can also visit the Beer Bale website for more information and a chance to win a cooler of their own through November 15.