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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — All 25 Ohio Republican state senators were mailed letters with feces inside, according to Ohio Senate Press Secretary John Fortney.

All of the letters were intercepted by Statehouse, Cleveland and Akron post offices before they reached the intended recipients.

There is no clear motive at this time, according to investigators.

“The U.S. Postal Inspector is investigating this federal crime,” Fortney said. “The OHP has been notified, and as always, the safety of all 33 members of the Senate, their staff and statehouse employees remains a priority.”

Ohio Senate Democrats Chief of Staff Mike Rowe said he is “not aware of any of our members being targeted.”

Ohio Republican state senators:

  • Rob McColley District 1
  • Theresa Gavarone District 2
  • George F. Lang. District 4
  • Stephen A. Huffman. District 5
  • Niraj Antani. District 6
  • Steve Wilson. District 7
  • Louis W. Blessing, III. District 8
  • Bob Hackett District 10
  • Matt Huffman District 12
  • Nathan Manning District 13
  • Terry Johnson District 14
  • Stephanie Kunze District 16
  • Bob Peterson District 17
  • Jerry Cirino District 18
  • Andrew Brenner District 19
  • Tim Schaffer District 20
  • Mark Romanchuk District 22
  • Matt Dolan District 24
  • Bill Reineke District 26
  • Kristina Roegner District 27
  • Kirk Schuring District 29
  • Frank Hoagland District 30
  • Jay Hottinger District 31
  • Sandra O’Brien District 32
  • Michael Rulli District 33