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WOODLAND, Wash.- A Washington state woman says her 8-year-old daughter was the victim of a dirty and disgusting trick.

Jamie Villaneuva’s daughter received a package through the website, which calls itself a “professional poop delivery service.”

“When she said, ‘Oh, I got chocolate ice cream,’ I thought, ‘What? Who would send you ice cream?’ And when I saw it, my heart just sunk,” Villanueva said. “So I opened it and inside it has feces. A container of feces.”

The website specializes in sending animal feces and allows customers to keep the purchase anonymous. says the service is meant as a joke, and should not be used for harassment or intimidation.

“I get it. I have a sense of humor. I think it’s very clever of the company. To be entrepreneurs and to do something like this with adults, but it’s really inappropriate with children,” Villanueva told KPTV in Portland, Oregon. She said she is exploring her legal options.

“As a child you should be protected against this kind of thing, and it’s just absolutely unacceptable that a minor can be harassed in this manner,” the mother said.