Woman wears all of her clothes to avoid baggage fee

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ENGLAND–Well, that’s one way to avoid the baggage fee.

A 30-year-old woman in England reportedly wore nine pounds of clothing so she wouldn’t have to pay $85 since her bag was over the allowed weight.

Natalie Wynn told The Sun she booked an all-inclusive vacation and didn’t bring enough money for the baggage fee, so she started taking all of the clothes out of her suitcase and putting them on: seven dresses, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and a cardigan.

“I literally said, ‘I’m not paying it’,  and started putting my clothes on,” Wynn told the TV outlet.

Wynn said some of the people on her flight even offered to let her put some of her clothes in their suitcases.

But, it looks like it all paid off.

Thomas Cook Airlines told PEOPLE, “Natalie’s ingenuity here is noted! The good news for Natalie and the rest of our customers, is that later this month we are increasing our hand baggage allowance to 8kg. This will hopefully help her travel a little less like Joey from Friends next time.”

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