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SHREVEPORT, La. (WJW) — A Louisiana woman is making headlines after she bathed her children in a crawfish tub.

Marie Harper and her children lost water service at their Shreveport home Wednesday, according to Harper’s sister, Danielle Manning.

So, when it came to be her kids’ bath time, Harper got creative. She used a crawfish pot as a makeshift bathtub.

“With no water service, my sister just used their crawfish pot to melt snow and warm up the water in order to give the kids a bath,” Manning wrote on Twitter.

Manning told FOX 8 that Harper had seen some of her friends warming water to bathe their children and decided the crawfish pot was the “perfect equipment” to do that for her own kids.

Manning also offered some advice for parents who may need to try something similar.

“One quick note for anyone who may try this,” she said. “Once the snow melted they had to put the whole pot on top of frozen snow to cool the bottom on the pot so it wouldn’t burn the kids.”

Manning says bathing in the crawfish pot is a memory her sister, niece and nephews will never forget.

“They figured it would be a fun memory of a not so fun situation,” Manning told FOX 8.

You can watch a video compilation of the entire crawfish bathing process below: