Seafood eating YouTube star 'BLove' visits restaurant in University Heights

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UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — Hundreds of people waited in the rain Friday to meet a YouTube star who was visiting The Sauce Boiling Seafood Express in University Heights.

Bethany Gaskin, known as “BLove,” is one of the top Mukbang stars on YouTube. Mukbang is a mashup of the Korean words for eating and broadcasting.

Gaskin is known for eating seafood in her videos.

She eats with celebrities on YouTube and thousands of people download her videos so they can have a dinner companion.

Gaskin has close to 2.5 million subscribers. Some of her videos have been watched more than five million times.

Over the past year, Gaskin and her husband, Nate, who is her videographer and manager, have traveled the country making appearances and recording roughly a new Mukbang video each day.

Click here to check out Gaskin’s YouTube channel.