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MINNESOTA– They are a true member of the family– some wander into our lives by chance, others are specifically chosen to be brought into our homes.  Pets are loving, loyal and create memories to last a lifetime, but saying goodbye can be unbearable.

To help brace for the time we must kiss them on their head one last time, a photographer in Minnesota is using her tremendous talent to help families heal and make a special memory before their pet’s death.

Photographer Eva Hagel, owner of Grape Soda Photography in Minnesota,  knows what the pain feels like. She said goodbye to her beloved boxer, Cleo, nearly three years ago.  Hagel said on her website:

In the middle of the night I awoke to Cleo moaning in pain, her limbs were swollen and she was unable to walk. We rushed her to the emergency vet, here in Rochester. She was in the late stages of undiagnosed cancer of the lymph nodes. There was nothing that I could do beyond holding her during those last moments. She didn’t want to sit or lay down, she just stood, and then fell limp in my arms. My heart literally broke in two. I have no images, no pictures of us together. If I could change that I would.

After her pet’s passing, Hagel launched ‘Project Cleo’ to offer families Bliss Sessions when their pet’s life is nearing the end. The service is free and runs solely off donations.

When the difficult time comes to say goodbye,  Hagel wants to help you capture precious memories with your pet. She does pictures with dogs, cats, bird and reptiles.

For more information on ‘Project Cleo’ click here.