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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — A rare blue American lobster who was discovered last year by a group of employees at a Red Lobster restaurant will be making her public debut at the Akron Zoo this weekend.

The zoo adopted the lobster, now known as Clawdia, last July after employees at the seafood restaurant recognized the rarity of her blue shell.

The Akron Zoo was contacted by a marine life rescue group that partners with chain restaurants and offered to give the lobster a new home.

Now, Clawdia is scheduled to make her public debut on Sunday. The zoo says she will live in the Komodo Kingdom building in a new habitat that officials created just for her.

The zoo also reports that Clawdia’s exoskeleton is no longer as solid blue as it was when she was rescued.

Last fall, she went through the molting process and shed her exoskeleton. Her new exoskeleton is more rainbow-colored, featuring blue, yellow, green and orange colors.

Clawdia’s new exoskeleton (Courtesy: Akron Zoo)

The Akron Zoo says blue lobsters are very rare and only occur once in every 2 million. The blue coloration of the shell is the result of a genetic anomaly.