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NORWALK, Ohio (WJW) — A precious photo showing a dog joining his best buddy during a timeout has gone viral.

Jillian Smith, of Norwalk, told FOX 8 News, last month, her three-year-old son, Peyton, got into a fight with his five-year-old sister, Ryleigh. He had two choices: Go to his room or stand in timeout.

Peyton chose the timeout option.

Jillian said just a short time after Peyton was standing at the wall, the family’s English mastiff, Dash, joined him.

Jillian saw it happen and took a photo. She posted it on her Facebook page and the rest is history!

She said everyone seems to be falling in love with the special relationship between Peyton and his buddy, Dash.

Jillian said if you ask Peyton, he’ll tell you Dash is his best friend. “They are two peas in a pod,” Jillian told FOX 8.

Check out the photos, below, to see their special bond. The photos are courtesy of Jillian Smith.

  • Peyton's sister, Ryleigh, with Dash (courtesy: Jillian Smith)