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MYSTERY WIRE — Dozens of people reported seeing strange lights in the sky over Las Vegas on Monday night. Mystery Wire was later told by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that these lights were actually flares being used by the Air Force over military ranges northwest of Las Vegas.

Since the original story was published, other reports were received from people who said they saw the lights and claim they were not northwest of the Las Vegas valley but appeared to be over the city.

A truck driver saw and recorded the same lights Monday night while parked on the side of the road just after the Crystal Springs rest area. He said he was looking south when he recorded this video with his phone.

This would put him approximately 60 miles north of where the FAA said the flares were burning. The man said he could count seven lights that, in his opinion, were “perfectly spherical.”

Readers left over 500 comments on Facebook about the mysterious lights seen around 7:30 p.m.

Tiffany Samsonite wrote, “At that same time, we were driving through Indian Springs and noticed them exactly to the right of us in the mountains.”

Another person, Herbert Clark, shared a picture he took of the lights. He said it was taken at Jones and Charleston looking towards Centennial Hills to the northwest.

Photo: Herbert Clark

Devon James also commented with a video. In it, you can see the lights in the distance. However, it is not clear where in the city he recorded this video and from what direction.