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SAN ANTONIO, Texas — There’s no denying that weddings can be very expensive, however one Texas woman found a way to cut costs, at least when it came to dessert.

According to Fox News, Jessica Hoyle-King served as a wedding consultant for her brother and his new bride.  The couple was hoping to save as much money as possible for their honeymoon in Rome.

Hoyle-King reportedly took care of the decorations and centerpieces, making DIY decorations from materials around her own home.

However, she has since gone viral for the eye-popping, four-tiered wedding cake she created for the couple.  Though it looks rather extravagant, the total display cost less than $50.

Hoyle-King provided a photo of the cake to FOX 8.

Courtesy: Jessica Hoyle-King

When Hoyle-King learned that her brother and his bride were going to save money by baking cupcakes for the wedding, she suggested they head to Costco instead.

Per her advice, her brother and his bride-to-be picked up two sheet cakes at Costco for $18.99 each and approximately $10 worth of flowers from Trader Joe’s.  With the help of the bride’s brother-in-law, who was a chef, they cut and rearranged the cakes, re-frosted them and then decorated the display with flowers.

Hoyle-King also picked up some supplies from Hobby Lobby to create a cake stand and set the cake table.

“Everyone thought it was amazing!” she told Fox News.

She later posted a photo of the creation on Instagram and social media users couldn’t have been more impressed.

“Just saw this online. I love it!!!” one person commented.

“You should totally do a YouTube tutorial of this!” someone suggested.

“Wow !!!! Amazing!!! This is soo smart,” another user added.

You can check out Hoyle-King’s Instagram blog @cottagefarmhouse, here.

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