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(CNN) — Coca-Cola knows what flavors you like to mix together at the soda fountain. Now it’s bottling your favorite.

Starting next week, Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola and a Zero Sugar version will be available for purchase in cans and bottles. The flavor was inspired by the many customers who mix Cherry and Vanilla Coke at Coca-Cola’s Freestyle soda fountains.

The latest flavor is another in a string of innovations within the classic Coca-Cola brand. Recently, the company launched Coke Energy in the United States. Internationally, it has rolled out a Coke With Coffee line, which could one day make its way to American customers. And last year, it launched a new Orange Vanilla variety.

The company argues that people are increasingly reaching for drinks that serve a functional purpose, such as offering a nutritional benefit or a boost of energy. Regular sodas are off-trend.

To keep people interested and make sure that they don’t abandon the traditional Coke brand, Coca-Cola is trying to make it attractive to both diehard fans and casual drinkers with new flavors and functional varieties.

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