PITTSBURGH (WKBN) — The Pittsburgh office of the FBI is seeking information on two unsolved homicides. Both victims were teen girls. Their bodies were found at the Berlin Reservoir in Portage County in 1994.

Sarah Rae Boehm was 14 when she disappeared on July 14, 1994, from her home in Beaver County.

Her body was found on Nov. 4, 1994, in the part of the reservoir that is a state park in Portage County.

Kathryn Menedez, 17, of Portage County, went missing on Aug. 25, 1994. Her nude body was found several days later on a road near the reservoir. She had been strangled to death.

Investigators believe both cases may be related. Agents and law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio are working on both cases.

The FBI also said they are looking for information on how Boehm wound up in Ohio, two hours away from her home.

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local FBI office.