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CLEVELAND — Authorities have revealed the identity of the man accused of stealing millions of dollars from donors in Ohio.

Monday morning the U.S. Marshal Service announced “Bobby Thompson” is actually 65-year-old John Donald Cody from Hoboken, New Jersey. Authorities were able to make confirmation through fingerprints in the last 72 hours.

Cody was a fugitive wanted on fraud charges by the IRS. He was also wanted for questioning by the FBI for espionage.

According to law enforcement, Cody had been living a fictitious and fraudulent life since the early 2000’s when he allegedly founded the U.S. Navy Veterans Association, a charitable organization whose stated mission was to provide assistance to veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Authorities searched the internet for Thompson. They say they came across cold cases and even pictures.

At a press conference Monday, U.S. Marshal Pete Elliot said, “What stuck out to me was Cody’s pompadour hairstyle in that military photo back in 1969. Because of some of the hair styles that you can Google right now on the internet that have been worn by Thompson over the years. He wore a pompadour hairstyle in those photos. In our profession, one plus one always equals two. And I believe this man is always a creature of habit, no matter what identity he undertakes.”

Authorities say Cody is a graduate of Virginia and has a law degree from Harvard. He was also a captain with the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence.

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