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WESTLAKE, Ohio (WJW) – A local father could face prison time for trying to hire a hitman to murder his son.

Desmen Ramsay, 58, was caught in October when he mistakenly dialed the wrong phone number and left some incriminating messages.

Ramsay was scheduled to be sentenced for the crime on Thursday, but the court hearing has been rescheduled for March 28.

Westlake Police said Ramsey was trying to pay someone $5,000 to kill his adult son,
but he left a voicemail at a Westlake business instead.

Police said the business received three phone calls and two voicemails that they felt were alarming. The business then reported the suspicious phone calls and messages to the police.

“It appears the person who was calling called another number a bunch of times that was one digit off from our business in Westlake. So when he called, he was one number off,” said Captain Jerry Vogel previously told FOX 8.

Detectives tracked the number and arrested Ramsey. He admitted to calling the number and said he got into a fight with his adult son the day before. He claimed he had too many drinks when he made the calls.

Ramsey will be sentenced for aggravated assault. This charge was reduced from complicity to commit murder.