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LORAIN, Ohio – A father of four says he is upset about a recent traffic ticket he received while rushing his 7-year-old son to the hospital.

Charlie Rolko admits he was driving about 10 miles over the 25 mile-per-hour posted speed limit when he was pulled over September 2 on Broadway in Lorain. He was taking his son to the hospital to get stitches, and had his three other kids in the SUV with them.

“My son fell and had a deep cut. He was in pain and was bleeding so my main concern was to get him to the hospital,” Rolko told Fox 8.

The dash camera video from the state patrol shows the stop. Rolko said he asked the trooper to let him go to the hospital and give him the ticket there.

“She said if it was life-threatening, we can call an ambulance but I told her he needed stitches and we didn’t have the money for an ambulance,” Rolko said. “So she said we would need to stay and be processed at the scene.”

A spokesman for the patrol tells Fox 8 that Rolko was given a warning for speeding, and for not having two of his children in booster seats. He was given a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt.

“I guess when I got in the car, I was in such a hurry I had the seat belt under my arm and not over my shoulder,” Rolko said. “I understand the tickets. I just wish they could have showed some empathy and followed us or escorted us to the hospital and issued the ticket there.”

Rolko did take his son to the emergency room after receiving the ticket. The child got stitches and is expected to be okay.

Rolko says he plans to pay the ticket this week.