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By Allison Brown

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS — A Solon father was grieving the loss of his daughter Saturday night.

Cleveland Heights police said Nadia Williams, 25, was shot and killed early Saturday morning at an International House of Pancakes restaurant in what appears to be an accidental shooting.

Police tell Fox 8 there was some sort of altercation at the IHOP on Mayfield Road, just before 3 a.m. Jimmie Lee Williams said his two daughters, their partners and a security guard were all involved.

Cleveland Heights officials aren’t saying what led up to the altercation but did explain that the security guard tried to take the situation outside.

They said there was a physical fight outside of the restaurant among the group, and it ended with the security guard falling to the ground. Police said his weapon discharged, and Nadia was shot in the head.

Nadia was taken to University Hospitals where she was pronounced dead.

Nadia’s father received the chilling phone call from his other daughter about what happened.

“‘Daddy’, she’s screaming, ‘he shot Nadia in the head, he shot Nadia in the head’.”  Williams said, while fighting back tears. “I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ ‘She’s dead, she’s dead’,” said Jimmie Williams.

Nadia leaves behind three children.

Her father describes her as a woman with a big heart.

Officers took the three women and the security guard into custody and then to the police station for questioning.

No charges have been filed.

Cleveland Heights officials aren’t releasing the name of the security guard involved in this incident. But a source says he is employed as a bailiff for Cleveland Municipal Court. Fox 8 has also learned that the man is employed by IHOP.

An IHOP spokesperson released the following statement to Fox 8 on Saturday:

“While are aware of this unfortunate situation, we cannot comment on an ongoing police investigation,” said Craig Hoffman.

Jimmie is hoping to gather more information about what happened so he can lay his daughter to rest.

“I don’t care what’s going to happen to me,” he said. “There’s not a care. You took my daughter. I have to do something as a father, and I pray to God, what do I do?” Williams said.

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Fox 8’s Peggy Sinkovich contributed to this story.