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CLEVELAND– The Tribe hosted dozens of children and adults with special needs at a fantasy baseball camp.

Rocco loves to hit a baseball, so he was thrilled to take part in the dream days fantasy baseball clinic at Progressive Field, along with members of “Our Lady of the Wayside” and “Rising Star Learning Center.”

At the fantasy camp, people with developmental disabilities go through a series of baseball drills on the field, then in the batting cages inside the stadium plus hang out in the bullpen and warm up like the pros.

Organizers say the fantasy camp gives them an opportunity to do something they normally wouldn’t have the chance to learn especially on a professional field.

“This was a great avenue for us- take along with the Indians to create this fantasy camp where we are out on the field and we are doing things that everybody else can do,” said Jonathan Schulz, director of “Dream Days.”

The people enjoying “Dream Days” say it’s so much fun; they get to see all their friends; they get to play on a baseball field and meet some of their heroes. They say they look forward to this event every year.

“I enjoy coming out here all the time and it’s really fun. I get to see the diamond boys again and pitch and learn some more,” said Fabian, a 9th grader with “Dream Days.”

Fabian’s face was all smiles when his favorite Indians player, catcher Yan Gomes, came up and surprised him.

“It’s kind a cool man, ya know? It’s what we do for a living and this kind of brings it back to what the game is all about. It’s about having fun and just enjoying it,” said Yan Gomes of the Indians

The “Dream Day” organization will be holding an event with the Akron Aeros next month.

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