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SANDUSKY COUNTY, Ohio — Several dozen people are expected to hold a peaceful protest at a cemetery Wednesday morning as the county coroner exhumes the body of a 19-year-old man who died in 2012.

Michael and Shannon Limberios do not want the Sandusky County Coroner digging up their son’s body for a second autopsy, after they say a pathologist already determined he was killed by someone else.

“I have no idea why they are doing this,” Michael Limberios said.

Jacob Limberios, 19, was killed by a gunshot to the head on the evening of March 2, 2012, at a home in Clyde.

Three other people were present, and told Sandusky County Sheriff’s deputies Jacob shot himself in the head.

“We did find out that was the reason why he took the gun there that night; one of the kids wanted to buy the gun,” Shannon Limberios said.

No detectives were called out, and no autopsy was done.

According to civil court documents, the Sandusky County Coroner wrote that he ruled Jacob`s death a suicide based on the statements of the people at the home.

“We never thought it was suicide,” Michael Limberios said.

Six months after Jacob’s death, his parents had his body exhumed and a Pittsburgh pathologist conducted an autopsy.

His conclusion: someone else had to have fired the fatal shot into the back left top of Jacob’s head.  There was no gunshot residue on his head, which meant the shot was fired from more than two feet away, the pathologist wrote. He ruled Jacob’s death a homicide.

The Limberios family said there does not need to be another autopsy because there is nothing left to examine. They said when the first autopsy was conducted, the pathologist removed all the tissue around the wound.

Half of the tissue sample was sent to Sandusky County so they could conduct their own testing, records show.

“If they were to test the samples that they have of the wound and give us concrete reason as to why they still need to do this we would step away,” Shannon Limberios said.

Sandusky County Special Prosecutor Dean Henry said they have tested the tissue, but would not tell FOX 8 News the test results, saying it was part of an on-going criminal investigation.

Henry would also not give any details as to why the county was exhuming Jacob`s body for a second autopsy.

Henry would not go on-camera.

The county is scheduled to exhume Jacob’s body from the Castalia Cemetery in Margaretta Twp. at 7 a.m. Wednesday.