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MOREAUVILLE, LA — A family is doing everything it can to get its village to overturn a ban that would force them to get rid of their family dog.

Last month, the village passed an ordinance that states if residents own a pit bull or Rottweiler, they must get rid of it by December 1 or the dogs will be taken for “disposition,” according to KALB.

O’Hara Owens suffers from severe neck problems and has to wear a halo brace and use a wheelchair. She said their pit bull, Zeus, acts as a therapy dog.

The dog, however, has been labeled as a “vicious” breed by the village, and a letter was sent to residents informing them of the new ordinance.

KALB reports that the town says what it is doing is completely legal.

Several residents were reportedly complaining that they weren’t able to walk around the neighborhoods because the dogs were running around town.

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