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Warning: The video above may be disturbing to viewers

CLEVELAND (WJW) – The family of 22-year-old Datwuan Catchings, who was shot and killed by a Maple Heights police officer, has released unedited body cam video of the shooting.

A shortened version was released initially by Cleveland police, who are investigating the use of force shooting which occurred on May 30.

“He picked my son off like he was a target and killed him, murdered him, assassinated him flat out,” said Dean Catchings, father of Datwuan.

The video starts around 4:15 a.m.

Maple Heights officers were pursuing a vehicle thought to be involved in a shooting that occurred at Buckeye Road and McCurdy Avenue in Cleveland.

On the video, you hear officers report traveling at speeds between 80 to 90 mph. Then, the car crashes and a man gets out and starts running.

An officer chases after Catchings on foot and repeatedly shouts, “Put your hands up right now, I will shoot you.”

Catchings says, “What?” as he raises both hands and starts to lift himself over a tall privacy fence. He’s then shot in the back.

Cleveland police pointed out in a previously released video that Catchings appears to have something in his left hand.

However, in a press conference Thursday, Catchings’ parents, members of Black Lives Matter and the family’s attorney said running from police is not a crime punishable by death. They called the shooting a wrongful killing.

“Mr. Catchings exited the car and ran out of fear, and as he was climbing the fence out of fear, he was shot in the back. At no point in time was he a threat to the Maple Heights police officer,” said Attorney Stanley Jackson.

Officers found Catchings unconscious around the front of the house and began first aid measures. He was pronounced dead at University Hospital.

On the video, police also appear to find a clip to a handgun in the tall grass.

Cleveland police say a firearm was also recovered from the scene.

The family believes Datwuan was shot in cold blood.

Members of Black Lives Matter Cleveland say these types of high speed chases need to stop and want the officers held accountable.

So does Datwuans mother, Sandrina Fields, who said, “I’m just trying to get justice for my son. He did not deserve this. That’s all I have to say right now.” 

The Maple Heights Police Department released the following statement:

“We have no information to release about the shooting investigation as that is being handled by the Cleveland Police Department. Also, at this time, we are not releasing any new information about the officer involved.”