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PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW)- A Stark County family’s dog is on the mend after escaping the jaws of a coyote.

Ten-year-old rescue Sadie was off leash with her owner in a familiar area close to home near Hollydale Ave NE in Plain Township when the attack occurred.

“The vet said she has 30 bite marks. She got a big one that’s healing up pretty good, a big one in the front and the worse ones in the back. She’s got staples,” said Sadie’s owner, who did not want to be identified.

“I heard her yelp,” she said. “I figured she got in a fight with a groundhog. And I ran over and saw this coyote running after her biting at her back legs, trying to take her down.”

Sadie’s owner said she ran towards the coyote yelling to scare it off. The animal backed off at first, but then began to follow as they tried to get away.

“I kept looking back and it was following us. It wasn’t running, but it was sniffing and following us,” she said.

It’s not clear what may have provoked the attack. The route is a familiar one for the family who said they have walked dogs there for 30 years.

Tuesday afternoon, Sadie was by her owner’s side resting and comfortable with the family that continues to rescue her from danger.

“She was in an old file cabinet in the drawer in the parking lot and he brought her home, said he couldn’t just leave her there,” said the dog owner about how Sadie became part of the family.

Now Sadie’s family coming to the rescue again and this time warning others to be careful as they spend time outdoors with their pets this summer.

“Don’t let you pet off leash while you’re walking in a field,” she said.