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CLEVELAND – Strong reaction from the family of a man police say was murdered by his 14-year-old daughter.

“This had nothing to do with abuse,” said James Blount, brother of Jonathan Meadows.

Police say 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows was murdered by his 14-year-old daughter Bresha on July 28th inside their Warren home.

On Friday, Meadows brother and sisters, as well as other family members, gathered for his funeral at the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland.

“He grew up in this church,” said Rev. David Hunter.

His sister, Lena Cooper, told Fox 8, that she believes her brother’s murder was “cold and calculated.”

But Bresha’s attorney, Ian Friedman, says the girl lived a nightmare.

“She witnessed abuse of her mother, over and over and over,” Friedman said. “She wanted to save her mother.”

Brandi Meadows calls Bresha her hero and says her actions saved her family.

“I wasn’t strong enough to leave,” Brandi said.

Brandi filed for a civil protection order against her husband in 2011 saying she feared he would kill her and the children. She later had the protection order dismissed. She said she was scared of him.

Bresha’s aunt, Martina Latessa, says her niece ran away from home in May and came to her house. She said her niece begged for help and they went to police and contacted children services.

“She was very scared of him,” Latessa said. “She was born into a nightmare.”

Bresha remains in custody at the Trumbull County Juvenile Justice Center. She is due back in court at the end of the month.