(WJW) – It’s been one week since Lachelle Jordan, 30, went missing just days before she was set to testify in a rape case.

For the first time since her return home, Jordan’s family held a press conference to update the public.

Lachelle Jordan

“Lachelle has had some trauma,” Lachelle’s father Joseph Jordan told the news media Saturday evening. “She’s going to be as OK as can be expected … We go back to the details. We don’t know them yet.”

When questioned about her escape, Joseph would only say that Lachelle ran and that he was so grateful she had the opportunity to do so.

“We’re not going to be normal in the way we were ever,” he said. “…We have to heal our fears and our worries.”

Lachelle is still in the hospital and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding her disappearance, which led to an all-out search by Cleveland police and public pleas for her safe return by family members.

Then, late Thursday night – five days after her disappearance – the Cleveland EMT miraculously limped into a convenience store on the city’s north side. The twin sister and mother of two was alive.

The FOX 8 I-Team revealed that Jordan had been filing police reports for months about getting stalked and living in fear.

[Editor’s Note: The video below is a breaking news report shortly after Lachelle Jordan called for help from a convenience store.]

The I-Team found she had filed at least 11 police reports since the beginning of this year. Reports for someone stalking her, violating a protection order, and damaging her home. Even firing a gunshot into the house.

Jordan was set to be a key witness in a rape case against 65-year-old Micahel Stennett

Stennett was arrested Monday and accused of menacing and stalking Jordan for months.
He allegedly would stand outside her house and show up to her emergency scenes.

Police though have not charged Stennett in connection to Jordan’s disappearance.