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AKRON, Ohio – Carrie Bellissimo says she was standing by her kitchen sink August 24 when her cat, Sam, came to the side door of their home wanting back inside.

“Sam spent a good part of the time inside. Sometime he would venture out– he did go out at times; obviously, he went out that day,” said Bellissimo.

Sam is described as a happy, playful cat for the eleven years he was in their home.

She says he loved being with their grandchildren.

“He wasn’t out long that day and I had seen him by the trash cans. I let him in and I was at the sink, turned around a couple minutes later and I seen blood all over the hallway,” said Bellissimo, who followed the blood trail to one of Sam’s favorite places in the house.

“He was up in the kid’s bed where he liked to be. He liked to be with their toys, their things and I checked on him and he was bleeding out his side and it looked pretty bad. He was missing some fur; it looked like a good-sized hole,” she added.

The family rushed the cat to a veterinary clinic where the staff was working to stabilize Sam.

Bellissimo said her husband took their granddaughter out of the room to get a snack and that is when the veterinarian came back with some startling news.

“Within a few minutes the doctor comes in and said, ‘you know somebody shot your cat, not once but twice.’ My heart sank and I was thinking, ‘why did somebody shoot my cat? Who would shoot a cat anyways?'” said Bellissimo.

“I had to let him go. I didn’t want to.” she added.

Bellissimo says she doesn’t have a suspect or a motive but believes Sam was shot somewhere near their house.

A trail of blood on their driveway and back patio appears to indicate that Sam may have first come from their backyard after having been shot and tried to get in through a patio door first.

A police report has been filed and an autopsy is expected to be performed by the Humane Society to retrieve the two projectiles that are still in Sam’s body.

“It doesn’t make me feel comfortable living near somebody like that; it makes me feel like we were targeted because there are other cats, other animals in the neighborhood that run around all the time — why was my cat targeted?” said Bellissimo.