AKRON, Ohio (WJW) –  A local family turning to the FOX 8 I-Team desperate for help from you.

Jhari Williams says she and her other family members are frantically trying to find a precious urn with the ashes of a loved one.

“I just feel like a piece of me is missing,” Williams said.  “I don’t have my grandma’s ashes.”

She said her grandmother, Ruth Roberts died about seven months ago.  Her grandmother’s ashes and her aunt’s ashes were placed in a storage unit for a short time. However, the person that was renting the unit was unable to make the payments, so all items stored were sold.

“I am not blaming the storage facility,” Williams said. “I believe everything was sold about four weeks ago and I just found out two weeks ago.  As soon as I found out I started calling and asking for help in finding both urns.”

On Tuesday, her aunt’s urn was returned to the storage facility.  She is now hoping to find her grandmother’s.

“My grandma was right there all the time,” Williams said.  “I feel like a part of me is missing without her.”

She is hoping that anyone who recently bought items from a storage unit in Akron will look through everything carefully.

“I am just hoping if they find it they will return it to the storage unit or they can even contact me on Facebook and get it to me,” Williams said. “I just want to bring her back home. “