VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Police say they’re investigating a woman who’s had bizarre encounters with Virginia Beach families over the past month.

The woman is described as middle-aged, Asian, with a moderate build. She has been seen driving both a light-colored pickup truck and a dark-colored pickup truck.

One family called police after she allegedly approached a mother and daughter in the parking lot of Whole Foods on Laskin Road. According to the family, the woman asked the young daughter’s name, age, and ethnicity. They said the woman wore a headset and acted as if she was being guided by someone over the phone.

Neighbors in the Reserve at Great Neck tell 10 On Your Side they’ve spotted the woman casing their neighborhood several times. In one instance, she approached a boy playing in his front yard. When she began asking questions, he ran to find his mother.

“I’m afraid to take the kids outside. They love riding their scooters and bikes up and down the road and to come see grandma and grandpa. It’s just super concerning,” neighbor Colleen Devita said.

Another neighbor shared Ring camera footage with 10 On Your Side showing an encounter with the woman. As the mother unloaded groceries with her child, the woman pulled up to the home in a black pickup truck. She lingered outside the home, and then reversed.

Neighbor Nancy Conrad says parents’ concerns extend throughout the area.

“I don’t know that it’s not necessarily so much this neighborhood, but that if you go to the grocery store or you’re at the park or anywhere,” Conrad said. “You can be approached. You just have to be, you know, really kind of back to what they teach the kids with the stranger danger. To be more aware of your surroundings.”

Virginia Beach Police Spokeswoman Jodi Saunders said the detective unit began investigating the incidents after community members emailed about the strange encounters. She says parents should continue to report such concerns to police, and that the department is closely monitoring this situation.

“First of all, we just want to assure the community that we are aware of it,” Saunders said. “We have a handle on who she is and our investigators have been keeping an eye on her since late September when this was first brought to our attention.”

Saunders said this kind of issue is one that community members should be vocal about, and communicate with police.

“Anytime a community member is approached by a person who is exhibiting behavior that is either threatening or concerning, we want to know about that,” she said. “We have seen all the comments on social media as well. We continue to appreciate everyone’s reports of things they’ve seen things like that.”

Saunders said that anyone wishing to report a non-emergency should contact the Detective’s Bureau at (757) 385-4101.