[In the player above, watch previous FOX 8 News coverage of Solon City Schools warning parents of the potential dangers of toy guns that fire gel pellets.]

SOLON, Ohio (WJW) — City police on Tuesday apprehended a Solon High School student carrying an airsoft gun that looked similar to an actual firearm, according to a report.

Police just after 9 a.m. received a report that a 17-year-old student was seen with “what appeared to be a gun” concealed beneath clothing.

Solon police Lt. Bill Vajdich sent out a Tuesday notice “to dispel any rumors that may be circulating about this incident.”

“Airsoft pistols are not firearms. They are similar to BB guns,” Vajdich wrote.

Officers quickly determined it was not a real gun and that there was no active threat to students, according to a notice administrators sent to parents on Tuesday.

“The speedy resolution to today’s incident was a result of our student body using the reporting tools available to them and taking to heart our important motto of See Something, Say Something,” administrators said. “Informing administration immediately meant the situation was addressed by the school and Solon safety forces within minutes. The safety forces in conjunction with administration made a tactical decision to not put the school in lockdown to expedite apprehension of the student.”

Students are encouraged to report such instances to an administrator or a “trusted adult.” The school’s anonymous Safe School Helpline can also be reached online, by texting TIPS to 614-426-0240 or by calling 800-418-6423, extension 359.

An officer took custody of the student, who is now at the city police department, according to the release.

Officers intend to present a first-degree misdemeanor charge of illegal conveyance or possession of an object indistinguishable from a firearm to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

A complete incident report was not available on Tuesday afternoon.