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CLEVELAND– If you drive along Detroit Avenue on the west side, you might notice something new: bike lanes.

They showed up recently and the city said they didn’t put them there.

“The line kind of like goes in and out; it sort of zig zags,” said Julie Tozser, who works in the area.

She said she rides her bike all the time and spotted the bike lanes the other day.

“If somebody did that, more power to them. They should keep doing it. If the city’s not going to do it, then somebody else should,” she said.

The fake bike lanes only stretch about three blocks, from 29th street to 32nd. It appears whoever did this used some kind of tape. They also painted bicycle symbols and posted signs.

No one seems to know who actually installed them, but some people are guessing they did it to send a message to the city.

“I think it’s awesome. I’m all about statements like that. I mean, basically people speaking out and saying we want this and hopefully somebody is listening,” said bicyclist, Dennis Tvrdik.

According to ‘Bike Cleveland’, a well-known advocacy group, the city was supposed to install bike lanes in the area a while ago, but still hasn’t done it.

“Any major city you go to in the United States, there are bike lanes all over the place,” said Tozser. “More people are riding bikes in this day and age. I mean, Cleveland as a whole just needs to catch up with what other cities are doing.”

The city said it’s working to install more bike lanes and issued FOX 8 this statement about the fake ones along Detroit Avenue:

“The City is actively working to increase the number of safe, well-planned bike lane miles in the city, including on Detroit Avenue. It’s good for the City, encourages physical activity and lessens our community’s dependence on the automobile. Random and unauthorized traffic signals, like the sharrows on Detroit Avenue, could cause significant harm and injury. Any individual who does this without consent of the city is being reckless with their own safety and the safety of others. The city is investigating what took place on Detroit and we will take appropriate action.”

The city said it plans to send crews to the area to remove the bike plans.