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CLEVELAND –  It’s an apology that can be seen worldwide.

A Cleveland Municipal Court judge said a woman committed a crime on her Facebook page and she was ordered to apologize online.

Judge Pinkey Carr, who is known for her creative sentencing, said she wanted to come up with a sentence that would be fair to the victim and would deter the offender from doing any type of cyberbullying in the future.

And so Judge Carr came up with this punishment: She sentenced 21-year-old Alexua Aikens to make a video of herself apologizing for menacing and ordered Aikens to post that video on Aikens’ Facebook page.

Aikens was convicted earlier this week of menacing. She was also ordered to get her G.E.D. and to serve a year probation.

Judge Carr said the reason Aikens was convicted of menacing, was because she had previously posted a 10-minute video cyberbullying another woman, so she thought the apology must also be made online.

Aikens did that and the video must remain on her page until Friday.

“Now knowing my actions was not an intelligent decision, I am truly sorry,” Aikens said on the video.

She also told FOX 8 that she has learned her lesson.