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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The former girlfriend of accused serial killer Michael Madison testified for a second day in his triple murder trial on Wednesday. The woman offered details critical to the case Cuyahoga County prosecutors were building against the 37-year-old East Cleveland man.

Madison could get the death penalty if found guilty of killing three women from East Cleveland: Angela Deskins, Shetisha Sheeley and Shirellda Terry.

(Fox 8 File photo)
(Fox 8 File photo)

The woman took the witness stand in the Common Pleas Courtroom of Judge Nancy McDonnell. She recalled times when she would walk into Madison’s apartment and be overwhelmed by a foul smell. She said the first time she questioned Madison about the odor he told her there were dead raccoons in a front closet.

“I said, ‘well, let me see, and he put his hands on my shoulder very softly and said you don’t want to see that; it’s gross.’”

On another occasion, the ex-girlfriend questioned Madison. She told the court Madison did not offer an excuse, but grew irritated with her repeated questions.

The woman also offered insight into the mind of the accused serial killer when recalling conversations they had together.

“I told him I was going to move to Columbus with my friend. He said he didn’t care; everybody leaves him anyway. I told him I love him and I care and stuff; he just sat there and went to sleep.”

Shortly before Madison was arrested on charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, Madison asked his former girlfriend, “If something happens to me would you be there?” She told him “sure” and he said “I’ll call you back.”

The woman testified Madison’s follow-up call was a confession of what was troubling him.

“I said, ‘what’s wrong?’ And he said, ‘they found a body next to my car in the garage,’ and I paused and I said, ‘they think you did it?’”

She said Madison denied any responsibility for the body in the garage. He then told her she could have all his belongings, his television, his apartment and his car.

Madison’s ex became emotional when asked to identify blood-stained blankets investigators found at the crime scenes. She remembered seeing them in Madison’s apartment.

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